Fresh Mix is a privately owned company dedicated to providing field-fresh, packaged and ready-to-eat produce and prepared foods in a variety of convenient formats. Our customers are the Canadian Retail Trade and the Food Service Industry. Our reputation stands for innovative high quality products, sincere customer care and exemplary service.

FOUNDED IN 1987 by Ester & Kurt Sattler

Fresh Mix is located in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. Here we have enjoyed over 30 years of growth and success; with the help of our amazing staff; and the support of the Canadian Retail and Food Service Industries.

The processing of food carries a significant responsibility to assure not only outstanding quality, but also absolute safety. Every single member of our team at Fresh Mix is well aware of the importance of these factors. Every one of our processing crew has completed in-depth training to understand their individual impact on products produced in our facility. We are proud to be a SQF certified facility.


Bagged Salads . Bagged Vegetables . Custom Product Lines

Crisp Head Lettuce - Bulk, Packaged & Salad Kits


1987- First Fresh-Cut Salad Bags for Retail in North America
1988- First Bagged Salad Kits - Complete Caesar Salad in N. America
1988- First Fresh-Cut Private Label Program in N. America
1990- First Fresh Dressing Program with Canadian Retail Chains
1992- First Organic Baby Lettuce Line co-packed for Canada and US
1992- First Salad Bowl Program in Canada
1993- First Salad Bowl Program including Protein in Canada

Fresh Mix Romain - Bulk, Packaged & Salad Kits


1994- First Fresh Prepared Meal Program HMR w/ over 100 items
1996- First Export of Protein Added Salad Bowls into US Retail
1997- Launch Bulk Prepared Foods - Salsa, Bruschetta, Seafood
1998- First Bulk Protein Added Salad Kits for Food Service
2000- First Salad Basics Program, In-Store-Program Canadian Retail
2001- First Fresh Portioned Salad Dressings for Canadian Retail

Spring Mix - Bulk, Packaged & Salad Kits


2002- Specializing in Custom Programs and Co-Packing
2009- Eat with your Head Brand Development
2009- Launch i am fresh Branded Line
2011- Launch fresh-a-fare Restaurant Maple Avenue, Barrie
2011- Production Launch fresh-a-fare Food Service and Brand
2011- Launch fresh-a-fare Restaurant Welham Road, Barrie
2012- Launch fresh-a-fare Restaurant Bayfield Street, Barrie






    Fresh Mix Limited was the first to introduce Fresh Cut Salad Bag for retail in North America in 1987.

    Fresh Mix Limited started custom packaging Salad Bowls as well as adding Proteins to Salad Bowls in 1993.

    We do not just test and package your product, we are here every step of the way ensuring quality and production control.

    Let us co-pack your product or use our recipes to brand your business, either way you deserve to work with Fresh Mix.

Fresh Mix Limited complies with all Canadian and Ontario government requirements for an accessible work place. We strive to create an inclusive environment, with equality, respect and decency; that is free of any form of discrimination for staff and customers; regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs, disability or sexual orientation. Fresh Mix is committed to an understanding workplace and will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate all staff, customers, or visitors for their individual needs. We work toward removing any barriers that can be without compromising personal or product safety. We welcome the application of individuals with disabilities, and accommodations are available on request by candidates if required. For more information, please contact us.